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Of all of the emotions I think about, Love is my favorite. It is an emotion that can be all encompassing and one that can be deep and eternal. Love grows best in the light, and love is best when it is shared.

Western society glorifies Romantic Love. It is often described as passionate, all encompassing and blind. I like to see it as passion inspiring and eye opening. It is not all encompassing, but like a secret spice, it permeates everything you taste in mouth tingling ways.

When a couple comes together to unite in a marriage bond, they are bringing together all the love they have known in their lives. The love of parents, siblings, extended family, friends, even pets, all teach us about love. Past relationships are not failures, they are lived experiences that help us know how we need to be treated and how we need to treat our partners.

Don’t put Romantic Love in a box. Be open to the power of a relationship that while based on love, is about commitment, compassion and comfort too. And say I love you every day. EVERY day.

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