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I would love to help you capture your love story and create a wedding that is magical and meaningful.

I have given more than 1000 public presentations and I pride myself in being able to invite people on an emotional journey, as we embrace rituals, tell a story, and rally around a cause that matters. All with words.

The first time I spoke in front of a large number of people I was seven years old. I gave a reading at church and I did well. I made some mistakes, but I powered through. I recall three things that happened: 1) I felt a rush of emotions, mostly positive. I felt confident. 2) Adults praised me. ALL adults praised me. They said I had a “Gift”. As a seven year old, I soaked in the praise. 3) My Dad was SO proud of me. He also read at church and was a long-time Toastmaster. Now we had something else in common.

Since that day, not a year has gone by where I did not speak to an “Audience” of some kind. From delivering training to giving the Eulogy at my Dad’s funeral, I always understood the power of spoken word.

I look forward to capturing your journey, and sharing your story.

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