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About Karen

I have been married to my partner for 35 years and it is still the best decision I have ever made. I loved my wedding day, but I remember incorporating many elements and rituals that were to meet traditional ideals, that for me, were not deeply meaningful. I became a Marriage Commissioner, in order to help couples celebrate their love in their own fashion. Your day, your way.

I have been a public speaker since I was a child. The power of words and ritual elements can take a wedding from simply meeting legalities to something that is deeply personal. If you have a song, poem or reading passage that holds a special place for you, we will work together to incorporate them into your ceremony. If, you want to incorporate your children, your furbabies, your passions (Think Cosplay or Stampede) I am always up for an adventure.

I have a graduate degree in Social Work and if you wish to know about my career highlights, feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile at